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Cover The Phantom Power Awakens
Back cover of The Phantom Power Awakens

The Phantom Power Awakens
Bird Architects

Released: 26.01.2016
Cat no: FOXY218

Recorded live to 2-track somewhere deep, dark and underground in Bristol late last year, edited for maximum splendiferousness at the Andersonshelta Audio Lab, The Phantom Power Awakens captures the Bird Architects raw energy and is an expedition into the outer realms of jazz, rock and funk. These 7 tracks are also one of the best examples of the group’s modus operandi: working in and out of structures and tunes that feed and propel solos and group improvisation.

  1. Happy Birthday Bill – (Standon) written to celebrate Bill Frisell’s 50th Birthday, (4.59) 
  2. Impending and Unexpected – group improvisation (5:34) 
  3. (I know why people go to) Switzerland (Standon) (4:45) 
  4. Desolate Blues (Evans, Anderson, Turner & Standon) (3:21) 
  5. That Phantom Power Awakens – re works an earlier piece from Gone (4:02) 
  6. Structural Damage (Evans, Anderson, Turner & Standon) (0:57) 
  7. Furlongs Dash (Evans) Shift Key (Standon) (15:84) 



However, if you would like the whole album as it appears on the CD, then go here : 

The album is available as a hard copy audio CD. Please email us for further details.

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“Gone” is the group’s return, after many years, to the studio and they have enthusiastically embraced all the opportunities this offered.  All the pieces were recorded ‘live’ in the studio and subsequently mixed and remixed by Marco Anderson, creating something that is the essence of the group but also something completely new.

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