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Cover Hotel for the Birds (Live)

Hotel for the Birds (Live)
Bird Architects

Released: 01.07.2005
Cat no: FOXY205

“Tunes without moons and Junes…with an edge that stuck in the air …Zappa-tight riffs that mutate somewhere sideways of bebop”

Mick Green, review of the group’s live ‘Hotel for the Birds’ gig. Quarter Notes ‘04.

“The ensemble playing contains all the rigor and complexity of jazz but manages to burst through the dogma imposed by some of the J word’s disciples… What follows is a flow of music which takes the ears out of the ordinary, to a place where you do not have to wonder why, merely accept the architecture as a new landscape”.

Steve Day

1. C-THING 06:16
2. Feel The Wealth 03:58
3. YO BLOOP 05:54
4. Honorary Degrees 06:53
5. Being on Edge 08:24
6. Gone 03:05
7. Folk Devils 03:30
8. Furlongs Dash 05:42
9. Susan Sontag 02:41
10. Idea for Modern Living 16:52

Hotel for the Birds Was recorded live in 2004 in Totnes as a part of a series of gigs hosted by the Totnes Jazz collective.
Released 01 January 2005
Aaron Standon – Alto sax and guitar
Pete Evans – Violin
Mark Turner – Buffalo Bass
Marco Anderson – Drums and Sound scapes

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