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Marco Anderson


Marco Anderson Discography



Released: 03/10/2016

Cat no: FOXY219

Recorded against the backdrop of the beautiful modern stain glass window of St Stephens, in the centre of Bristol, and with the natural acoustics of the church, it captures the live performance of both human and machines, improvised in the moment, with no overdubs.


Niji Seson

Niji Seson

Released: 01/01/2000

Cat no: FOXY200

The first solo album from Marco Anderson, Niji Seson, literally “Thus I heard” contains an eclectic mix of jazz,
fusion and jazz-rock, soundscapes and world music.


Metaphysical Soundscapes

Metaphysical Soundscapes

Cat no: FOXY 211

A series of soundscapes designed to encourage a meditative state, letting music direct us to a higher consciousness. The music was generated randomly, allowing the machines to create and interact with each other without human intervention.


Marco Anderson News

Great evening at the Fringe Jazz Club with Carl Orr Trio

Thanks to Carl and the wonderful Anders Olinder for some great music at The Fringe Jazz Club, Clifton, bristol last night. Thanks due also to Jon Taylor for kindly hosting the event.

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Marco Anderson Curriculum Musicae

Information to follow…

Marco Anderson Reviews

Hello to All,

One of the ways that I knew that I was “getting old” (besides actually

aging) was when there appeared a segment of Music that I could not relate

to. The dividing line between “My Music and Their Music” had been drawn in

the sand. And though I tried to keep an open mind and ear, I eventually

came to the (painful) realization that there was now some Music that I

probably just wasn’t going to understand. I was now on my way to becoming

an Old Fogey.

However, Salvation has come. And it has come in the form of the Music of

our own Marco Anderson. He sent me a copy of his solo release “Niji Seson”.

From the instant that laser beam hit the CD, I was transported through a

musical plane that I thought was off-limits to me. Not only did I finally

‘Get It’, “Niji Seson” made me feel as if I’d never lost it in the first


When Todd Rundgren recorded “A Wizard, A True Star”, his goal was to

“print his brain directly onto the tape”. He had started taking psychedelic

drugs, and (he thought) had reached a heightened sense of awareness. So he

wanted to document this new awareness. The reason I mention this is because

on first listen, I got the impression that Marco had a Vision and Purpose

for this work. And I believe that he has successfully documented his Vision

on “Niji Seson”.

One thing about being ignorant of some newer music is that I don’t know

what it’s called; i.e. “It’s this thing or that thing”. And this is good

for my review of “Niji Seson” because I won’t be able to label Marco’s

Music. Labelling the Music on this CD would be a supreme injustice. Even

though it is indexed for individual tracks, (to me) that’s only for the

benefit of replaying your favorite track instantly. Once I started

listening to “Niji Seson”, I had to take it as a single musical piece;

straight through.

For the sake of giving you ~some~ idea of the ingredients in the “Niji

Seson” brew: it’s Fusion (real Fusion), it’s bass’n’drum, it’s got samples,

it’s got sequencers, it’s got enough bass to rattle your teeth, it’s

Hip-Hop, it’s In Yo Face Funk, it’s Jazz, it Rocks, it’s Melodic, it

Swings, it’s Majestic, it Turns ona Dime, it’s Indian, it’s Epic, it’s

Headphone Heaven…it’s a one hour, 21 track, instrumental, 97% Marco

playing solo, ultra-sonic tour-de-force from our Minister of


Did I mention that I Luuuv It!!!!?

I can’t describe my enjoyment and enthusiasm for “Niji Seson” properly

through email. And I don’t have enough adjectives in my vocabulary to

describe the pleasures that are in “Niji Sesons” 21 tracks. But it’s been

the only thing that I’ve been listening to since I got it. It deserves a

wide audience; and I give it my highest praise and recommendation. My only

complaint is that my favorite track, titled ‘Impetuous Child’, is too damn


I think I owe Marco some money, because I’d buy this in a heartbeat. I

owe him something because I feel I’ve short-ended him on my part of the

deal. Marco’s gonna have to post the details on how you can get a copy.

“Niji Seson” means ‘Thus I Heard’. I’ve heard it, and you should too!!

All the Best,



“Mark, your CD is transcendent and I’m glad to endorse it as well. It = reminds me only slightly of Steve Anderson’s CD – he is also a drummer/keyb= oardist and he was the drummer on Jeff Beck’s last tour. But, yours is a = singular work. Smart O-W-ers will contact our beloved Minister of Disinformation for a copy.”

Scott Steele


“Some of it felt like flying or being dead. Other parts were like sitting on the ocean floor or in the temple. And still others like standing astride the faultline when it shears, or inside the volcano as the dome buckles. It transcends most of what I know musically, yet it was very direct and accessible. And so diverse that it’s impossible to label. Which is good. Mary Jane liked it, and appears to have written down a lot of unintelligible things the night we stayed up listening to it. 3 Jewels. 5 Stalactites. I’d like to order a copy for my friend Pete in Liverpool, he’ll love the production. Let me find his address. I shall take it home to Ireland and affect my friends. Oh, and did I mention I really liked it ? Steve roll the dice (Charles Bukowski) if you’re going to try, go all the way. otherwise, don’t even start.”

Steve Gaw