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Cover Six the Hard Way

Six the Hard Way

Released: 01.05.2004
Cat no: FOXY195

Singer and lyricist Will Grealish joins composer and multi-instrumentalist Marco Anderson on their debut album of original compositions from 1996.
Remixed in 2004 with the addition of two more originals, the album has a refreshing simplicity and cleanliness which has become popular again in the techno laden 21st century with people like Ed Sheehan and Jake Bugg. Beautiful songs from the heart that evoke the Cumbrian coast, New York’s jazz clubs and Tin Pan Alley.

Track Listing:

1. November (4.12)
2. The Way Love Is (3.32)
3. Dream Kid (5.53)
4. Hey Josie (3.26)
5. This is It (3.47)
6. Real Life Stories (3.30)
Bonus CD Tracks
7. Happy (4.02)
8. Advice to a Friend (4.46)

Marco Anderson: Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Cajon, Backing Vocals, Programming and Sequencing
Will Grealish: Vocals

Recorded at Andersonshelta, Bristol 1995-6
Remixed and mastered by Mark Anderson at Andersonshelta 2004 for Foxy productions

All songs composed by Anderson/Grealish. Lyrics by Will Grealish
© Andersonsongs 1996 PRS/MCPS