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Back cover of RED DISPERSION

Red Dispersion

Released: 25.11.2016
Cat no: FOXY 206

It is difficult to capture the spontaneous creation event in a studio setting. Artificial and generally with no audience or foil to react to, the studio environment works best when the material to be recorded has been honed and refined by the ensemble and is then committed to machine, just like a snapshot or a series of photos remember a place and time. Here, though, the muse is captured in front of an enthralled and enthusiastic crowd.

The result is this ‘Live as it happened’ release, with no overdubs or edits, just exactly what was played at the short-lived Freebop Club in Bristol on 26th Feb 2011. The music is as vital today as it was then, and Steve Day’s liner notes for the SLAM release could equally be relevant to the world in which we find ourselves ten years later: “truth disperses in its own absence. The Liars are up front and laughing. Musicians have to play their parts in between the cracks……then disperse quickly”. Normally, this music lives once, at the moment the attending audience hears it, at the moment of it’s creation. Fortunately for us, this night was recorded and the spontaneity frozen for posterity. Check it out on this CD ‘Live at the Freebop Club, Bristol’ (FOXY 206)

  1. Something in the Water 
  2. 2.Creating Whilst Waiting for the Time
  3. Inter….upt   
  4. Dr Stanley   
  5. SLORB   
  6. Uderlede   
  7. Something in the Water Again – Morphic   
  8. No Really, We insist   
  9. Pecks out   

Aaron Standon – Alto Sax, Guitar

Peter Brandt – Acoustic Bass, loops

Marco Anderson – Electronic Drums

All tracks written by Standon/Brandt/Anderson © Foxy Productions 2016 PRS/MCPS all rights reserved. Made in the UK

Recorded Live at The Freebop Club, Bristol 26.02.11