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Cover Niji Seson

Niji Seson
Marco Anderson

Released: 01.01.2000
Cat no: FOXY200

The first solo album of instrumentals from Marco Anderson, Niji Seson, literally from the Sanskrit, “Thus I heard”, contains an eclectic mix of jazz,
fusion and jazz-rock, soundscapes and world music.

This release was originally in three sections :


‘Jazz Jungle’ is an umbrella style for  the mix of jazz, rock and jungle (which later became Drum ‘n Bass) – a fusion of east and west. ‘Bombay Jungle’ was to be the title music for Channel 4’s TV series ‘Bombay Blue’, together with ‘Bangra Beat’, ‘Dreambells’, ‘Hear Me’ and ‘Ambeat Update’. A mix of Bolywood, jazz and ambient downbeat. ‘Justice Coming’ was also a contender for the Film of Judge Dredd, hence the samples of the Judge saying ‘court adjourned’ after despatching another perp :-)

The ‘Telecosm’ section is more filmic soundscapes and ambience than beat and finally some ‘Tales from the Vaults’, guitar compositions including some panpipes from Charlie Lineham on ‘New Year pt 1’.

All compositions by Marco Anderson except + co-composed by Marco Anderson and Richard Grassby-Lewis (Private Life of Plants BBC TV). Funky Guru and GDAS Trance are edits from Get Down & Sruti by John McLaughlin.

Recorded at Andersonshelta. Produced by YoYo for © Foxy productions 2000. All instruments played by Marco Anderson except ∞ Panpipes by Charlie Lineham.


  1. Bombay Jungle                (00:48)   
  2. Impetuous Child               (01:57)   
  3. Jazztabzbak*                    (02:04)   
  4. Funky Guru*                     (03:05)   
  5. The Coming*                    (03:05)   
  6. Justice Coming                (02:18)   
  7. GDAS Trance*                 (02:25)   
  8. Bhangra Beat +                (03:11)   
  9. Dawn in the Underworld  (01:47)   
  10. Dreambells+                    (02:57)   
  11. 4th Wave – Approach*     (04:10)   
  12. Rag Yeman                     (03:50)   
  13. Hear Me+                        (01:23)   
  14. Ambeat Update+             (03:44)   
  15. The Tibetan                     (02:03)   
  16. 4th Wave*                        (02:50)   
  17. Fever                               (03:18)   
  18. Ode to John                     (03:18)   
  19. 13 Bars from Mars           (03:03)   
  20. New Year – Pt 1∞             (02:23)   
  21. Sruti 2-Step                      (05:33)   

*Some of this music appears in different form on YoYo’s ‘Human Revelations’ CD


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