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Marco Anderson

Released: 03.10.2016
Cat no: FOXY219

Using the synthesiser-based improvisations from the original album (FOXY 211) and recorded against the backdrop of the beautiful modern stain glass window of St Stephens Church in the centre of Bristol, this CD expands on the original meditative mood and opens the music up by adding live musicians into the mix. Augmented and enhanced by the natural acoustics of the church, it captures the live performance of both human and machines, improvised in the moment, with no overdubs. David Mowatt on trumpet & flugelhorn, and Marco Anderson, keys,vocoder and programming.
Recorded live to 2 track on the 9th May, 2016.

1. THE HALO PTS 1&2                        09.30

2. FOR LARRY PT 1                            04.33

3. TRANSITORY NATURE PT 2          03.24

4. AMAAN                                            03.33

5. HIDDEN                                           07.04

6. FOR LARRY PT 2                            04.58

7. AMAAN ALT                                     02.51

8. TRANSITORY NATURE PT 1         05.39

9. PEACE ON JOE                             06.49

All tracks composed by Marco Anderson except 9, which is based on ‘Nubian Sundance’ by Joe Zawinul

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