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Cover Crimson Temple Disco

Crimson Temple Disco
Jazz Gnatz Electronique

Released: 01.03.2013
Cat no: FOXY213

Funky Nu-Jazz electronica, instrumental trance music for the temple in your head, beats for the disco in your soul.

“Jazz Gnatz: Marco Anderson (synthesisers, laptop) and Graham Egan Andrew (guitar and laptop) have been playing in and around Bristol for three decades in bands such as YoYo, Asaah Papa & Graffi Jazz and Sourmash, as well as internationally known units like Groundhogs, Startled Insects and Glaxo babies. This time around playing original liquid grooves and ambient housey soundscapes all interwoven with some more familiar jazz and rock themes, occasionally joined onstage by MCs, singers and the odd instrumentalist. ”
Venue Magazine, Bristol 2013

The new CD EP ‘Crimson Temple Disco’ is a sonic journey into a realm of nu-jazz fusion electronica, where the housey, trance -like beats of the underworld disco meet Weather Report, Hendrix and Zawinul’s Syndicate in a dance of evocative world musics, Indian ragas, jazz harmolodics and seering blues guitar.

  1. Cat’s Fur Perfect Music 3:42
  2. Clicky Fingers 5:07
  3. The Channings 0:35
  4. Crimson Temple Disco, Pt. 1 13:02
  5. The Tourists’ Dream 1:35
  6. Go Buy the Joint 9:58
  7. For the Love of Metal 5:39
  8. Crimson Temple Disco (Reprise) 1:55

You can download the whole CD in one ‘continuous play’ file here :

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