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Foxy Productions






FOXY PRODUCTIONS is an independent specialist record label based in the South West UK, dedicated to the release of contemporary and future jazz, fusion, jazzrock, electronica and ambient music.

We have affiliations with George Haslam’s SLAM record label, Bristol Records and Leo Records, where our artists also have releases. All albums are limited editions in the real world, but are available for digital download on this site, track by track or whole albums. For a complete list of our release, please go to our CATALOGUE here.

Our ethos is hard to put into words, but we offer some quotes here from well known artists within our fields of endeavour:

“Music is the sound of our emotions”.  Anon

“Art is making something out of nothing and selling it”.
Frank Zappa

“To be a good musician you’ve got to cherish a beautiful dream; secondly, you’ve got to sacrifice your life to it. It’s an amazing paradox in music but to achieve perfect freedom you have to be completely disciplined.”
John McLaughlin

“You’re playing music, you’re playing notes’, he said on the subject of collective music making. “And that’s great, but it’s not enough is it ? You know, it’s what’s behind the notes, what’s inside the notes and that’s to do with what is going on between the musicians. OK it’s also about you and your relationship with the universe…but at the same time unless you’ve got some kind of direct line to the guys you’re playing with, there’s something missing….I feel very strongly about playing more than notes with the people onstage with me……I’ve always felt that improvisation is like the most honest kind of music in the sense that if you’re spontaneous then you’re being yourself….You know, when you have a family, everybody is spontaneous with each other and sometimes a little brutally honest, but nevertheless it’s spontaneous, so it cannot really be bad. And that is my philosophical foundation, if you like, about how groups should be.”
John McLaughlin

“We play music to align the spirit”
Allan Hovaness

For more information about our releases and artists please visit the individual artists pages or contact us via the contacts page.

We trust you will find something to your taste here. If you do, why not tell us about it and tell your friends too !