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Ugly Plastic Poncho Band

The pea-brained child of jazz pan pipe player extra-ordinaire, Charlie Lineham and musical nomad Marco Anderson, the UPPB fuses Andean folk music, electronic dance beats and a decidedly Japanese sense of humour to form one of the more entertaining and light hearted groups on the label’s rosta.

Having spent the early 90’s as Los Primos, entertaining the bemused and confused tourists in Covent Garden and winning the best music act at the International Festival there in 1990, the boys formed Pica Pica, a jazzy latin acoustic band which toured the UK, playing Glastonbury Festival, Crawley Arts Festival and all points south and west, including trips across the pond to astonish and mystify our European brethren in Holland and France.

With the onset of material wealth and hair loss, the intrepid duo retired to their digital studio to produce soundscapes for film and stage productions such as “Lorca” and music for the Big Life Music Library. With the dream of producing a Japanese/Irish Western film, they set about constructing their particular brand of Indo/Andean funk all imbued with a healthy helping of madcap humour. If you have ever laughed at the pastiches of the poncho’ed panpipe brigades or watched in awe the antics of Japanese game show contestants, then you will have some idea of the live flavour of this troupe, and yet for all the merriment, manage to produce some hauntingly beautiful music.


Charee – Pan Pipes, Flute, vox, inscrutable grin
Marco san – Drums, guitar, keyboards, electronics, rancid poncho
Marlene – Bass Guitar, incense stencher
Garethew – guitar, damp blanket
Cheyne Towers – Bass guitar, wigwam decoration

Ugly Plastic Poncho Band Discography

Music for an Irish Western

Music for an Irish Western

Released: 01/06/2004

Cat no: FOXY198

The two remaining members of Pica Pica (International Music Competition winners, Covent Garden 1994), Charlie Lineham and Marco Anderson’s soundtrack for a TV drama by Lorca