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Red Dispersion

This project formed by Aaron Standon (cf Bird Architects) in 2006 originally featured the sadly missed Steve Harris on drums, with Pete Brandt on acoustic bass. Steve’s delicate and sympathetic drumming can be heard on their first release Red Dispersion (SLAM CD272). Deciding to honour Steve’s memory by continuing with the project, Aaron invited fellow Bird Architect ( Marco Anderson to fill the drum seat. Settling on a different approach to Harris’s acoustic battery, Anderson plays electronic drum kit, opening up different sonic capabilities to anchor the musings of Standon and Brandt.┬áPete Brandt has a long pedigree, his latest output to be found here (

Red Dispersion make music out of thin air. This takes some serious listening on the part of all three players, combined with many years experience of spontaneous composition. This is the musical equivalent of tightrope walking without a net: you can sink or swim any second, or you can wander, lost in the ether, searching for the thin red thread of creative inspiration, dispersed amongst the unimaginable possibilities that music presents. However these musical acrobats share a fine sense of balance as shown on their live album. The music is being created right in front of your ears; there are no guidelines, no pre-composing, no dots, no music, nothing to hang on to except the collective listening and musical response.

Steve Day’s liner notes for the SLAM release could equally be relevant to the world in which we find ourselves ten years later: “truth disperses in its own absence. The Liars are up front and laughing. Musicians have to play their parts in between the cracks……then disperse quickly”.

Red Dispersion Discography



Released: 25/11/2016

Cat no: FOXY 206